Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Days

This has been another lovely summer day. I'm especially loving all of the rain that's come our way in the afternoons. We had a play date this morning with yummy food (coffee!), swimming & fellowship. The kids were exhausted when we got home - even Addison, who never naps, fell asleep for a couple of hours!

After the early bedtime the kids had last night I wasn't too surprised when I heard the girls laughing in their room just five minutes after my alarm went off! It was still dark out & I tried to convince them to go back to sleep. They were pretty quiet after that, but, I knew they were wide awake & wouldn't fall back to sleep.

So, I prepared them a fun, special little snack let them eat while watching Tangled in the family room. Eating in the family room AND a movie - a very special treat!

While the girls watched the movie I baked up a batch of chocolate chocolate chip & mint cookies & also made some black bean mango salsa to take to our play date. (I was so bad & ended up eating about five cookies today!!!)

I just love doing special things for the kids like that, sometimes I think it makes me happier than it makes them! Does anyone else feel the same way?


Vickie said...

That's how I've always been even still!

hilltopper said...

snack for dinner is a HUGE hit at our house. double hit if we get to watch tv while we are eating it.

of course, its not a complete snack for dinner experience until something gets spilled.


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