Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rolling in Fun

This afternoon I put the girls in the bath to let them have fun (& get clean!) while I was also able to clean the bathroom. Clay played on the floor & when I turned around I saw that he had discovered the roll of paper towels.

It was too cute watching him discover the never-ending paper towels!

Today was another busy summer day with the kids. This morning we stopped at Target to buy some of the yummy movie-theater like popcorn (except, super cheap, just 67 cents with the coupon!), then, we met up with Amy & her girls for the free summer movie of the day, Marmaduke. Or, as Addison calls him, "Armaduke." After the movie we all went to Moe's for lunch.

I had planned on taking the kids to the pool after nap/rest time but it began to rain so we settled for making crafts & bath play time instead.

I got the exhausted kids to bed early so that I could go to the salong & get my hair cut before it closed. This was the only night that coordinated with my friend Claudia working & me not working so that I could get my hair cut before I leave for my holiday.

After the salon I had some coffee & reading time at Barnes & Noble & then made it home in time for Criminal Minds! Guilty pleasure show, right there.

1 comment :

amy said...

My girls still like to take what we call a play-tub, especially in my tub! Glad everything worked out and you were able to get your hair cut. Let's do another movie before the girls go back to school!


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