Monday, July 11, 2011

We Have A New Pet!

At least that's what Addison told Rachel at church yesterday. (the look on her face at the news = priceless! especially since she knows my feelings about pets)

Really, though, I stepped over a caterpillar in the family room on Saturday. Before I could do anything with it the girls saw it & Ray captured the caterpillar & told the girls it should turn into a butterfly. With our luck, it'll probably be a moth, but, whatever.

A trusty washed out iced Starbucks cup became the caterpillars new home, complete with some leaves (including parsley Ray had me buy at the grocery store because they supposedly eat parsley) & a stick that Ray found outside.

We're such good little caretakers.

Honestly? I'm surprised by how interested I became in that little caterpillar. I came out on a break Saturday night & saw the thing moving all over & I could actually SEE IT MAKING THE CHRYSALIS! Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.

Today there has been no movement from the caterpillar. It made the chrysalis on the bottom of the clear cup against the stick & some leaves so you can actually see it laying there. The caterpillar has turned smooth & shiny.

We figure either it's doing it's thing to turn into a butterfly (moth) or it's dead. This shouldn't take any longer than two weeks, so, hopefully we'll see some action instead of turning out to be fools with a dead caterpillar setting on the counter!

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amy said...

Very cool!


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