Monday, August 29, 2011

Love and Life

Me & the Love of My Life

Yesterday we took a day of rest - the past month of work has caught up to us, I suppose. Ray leaves the house at 6am on the weekdays, gets home at 4:45pm & then one of us works 6-midnight. We swap nights - last night I had to work so while Ray worked this evening and after I completed my duties of tending to the kids, preparing for class tomorrow & cleaning the kitchen, I took a bit of time for myself.

After this week it should be a little better & we should be able to cut back to only working 18 hours a week each for our "second job." And, no more working weekends or the nights we have church! Hurray!! It's so much easier taking the kids to church at night when I have Ray to help.

I foresee changes coming with this "temporary" (2.5 years!) job. For real this time, as long as everything stays on track we'd like to be able to quit entirely by the end of January. One can only hope!

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