Monday, August 08, 2011

An Oil Change and Manicure Go Together, Right?

I've been putting off getting the oil changed in our van for months. So many months that last week the dealership sent us a coupon for a lube, oil & filter change for...$5.87!!! Even the cashier was shocked, she'd never seen a coupon for that little before. She even told me congratulations. Oh yeah, baby, you know you're living the exciting mom life when you're congratulated on your auto shop bill.

The nice thing about getting this taken care of at the dealership is all of the amenities - you know, the things that make all of their other repairs so outrageously expensive!

A big bonus when you have the kids with you - a glass-walled playroom. There are also complimentary cookies, a machine to make coffee, lattes, tables, free wi-fi, computers with Internet access, and free manicures. Tuesdays and Thursdays they also have free massages.

This is not your grungy neighborhood garage.


amy said...

LOVE that place!! The girls and I are going next week.

Brewier said...

Can you go even if you don't need car repairs?

Lisa said...

How good does that place sound?! We've nothing like that around here. I am thoroughly jealous :)


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