Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Beautifully Stormy Day

Before the storms began this morning the kids enjoyed their breakfast. Seriously, how cute are they?!?

Last night I held off on running errands while Ray worked because of a storm rolling in; I couldn't risk the kids waking up while I was out & Ray was working. My plan was to take them with me this morning & just as we were about to load up in the van it started drizzling. All of a sudden I came to the entrance of my neighborhood & entered a downpour!

On our drive to the library to return some overdue books (why is it so difficult for me to return these books on time?!) we ran through torrential downpours, clear weather, drizzle & then downpour again. The weather finally settled on a heavy downpour - I'm pretty sure my windshield wipers were going in slow motion & I retained a firm death grip on the steering wheel until we reached our neighborhood.

Because the boat gets premier parking in our garage I had the fun job of running the kids through the rain into the house. Where, I promptly made some nice hot coffee.

The storms stayed until around 7 this evening - it was really nice as long as you didn't have to go out in it! Which, when it lightened up a little around noon the kids & I ran one of the other errands on my list.

Addison had the right idea for enjoying the rain, settling in with her "favorite" book.

Yes, the cookbook again. I could hear Addison as she flipped the pages & looked at the pictures of the desserts saying, "Oh, yeah, that's good." Tonight, while I was making dinner, she "read" the book to me. It was hilarious, I wish I had it on video! She keeps asking to make something out of there, I need to find one of the simple recipes for us to make together.

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