Friday, September 09, 2011

Don't You Just Love New York in The Fall?

I'm so so ready for Autumn to get here! Even if all we get in Florida is a miniscule drop in temperature, it's an obvious change to me.

I love the weather, the decorations, pumpkins, pumpkin bread, cloves, apple pie...and the sweaters, scarves, boots! I'm so ready for a wardrobe change. Aren't you?

We're going to Kentucky in less than two weeks & I desperately hope the temperatures will still be cooler while we're there. I've started to mentally prepare outfits, but, I really need to go through my closet & see what I have available.

I've been looking drooling over my October issue of Lucky & oh, I want to go shopping!

I think this outfit would work so well in Florida. It's cute & Fallish without being too warm (the adorable heels!). It helps that the sweater is in one of my favorite colors!

What are you looking forward to about Autumn?

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