Monday, October 03, 2011

Blessing in Disguise

Yesterday morning I left the house before 7 to make a quick grocery run before church. Only when I got home Clay was still congested & drippy so I stayed home with him while Ray took the girls to church.

It was like being given "free" hours, especially since I felt completely fine!

After our trip we had to fit in our work hours which meant I put in three nights in a row of 6-midnight shifts and then the fourth night was my tutor meeting, from which I didn't get home until nearly midnight. The days are filled with schoolwork with the kids & all of the other motherly and wifely duties that are necessary.

I was feeling overwhelmed because I barely had the energy for the necessities such as cooking meals, washing the dishes & lesson planning so anything along the lines of organization has been pushed to the back burner. It was really eating at me & I was feeling incredibly aggravated.

So, Sunday morning brought a day of possibilities. I was able to tackle the multi-purpose room: Clay's room/guest room/craft room/library/storage. It was a disaster. And, it's right off the main hall in the house so there's no way to hide it, the room is just there as a daily reminder of mess.

I was able to clear out the closet & move the girls old dresser/cabinet inside the closet (I bought them a real dresser & bookshelves for cheap on craigslist!) & for the first time in his life Clay has a dresser for his clothes! They've been shoved into old crates in the corner of the closet, falling onto the floor because I could barely reach them. It also gave me new space for other craft & sewing supplies, among other things.

When things are clean & organized I'm able to be so much more productive with everything else. I was able to squeeze in some afternoon cooking & then evening vacuuming & mopping.

I have to tell you, today was the best day we've had in awhile. And, if I'm completely honest, the kids weren't any better behaved than normal, but, I felt much better. Some decent sleep & productivity makes for a much better day for me! Does this ring true for anyone else?


villagegirl said...

Yes, definitely! I LOVE being productive and not being tired on top of it makes for happy mommy! :)
Yay for free time!

Lisa said...

I live for decent sleep and productivity! I dream of it :)


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