Sunday, October 02, 2011

Mise en place

I've been trying to practice mise en place, or "everything in place," in my own kitchen lately. I love it, because, rather than making complete meals (which, tend to be more along the lines of casseroles) I've prepared ingredients, which can be thrown together quickly into meals.

Today I prepared:
-roasted chicken
-braised mushrooms
-washed romaine, spinach & cilantro
-carmelized onion jam

My cheating processed item this week is frozen cheese tortellini. I haven't bought tortellini in years & I'm really looking forward to it! I plan to combine it with the braised mushroom, chicken & fresh parmesan. My sweet item was the batch of pumpkin bread I baked today. With this weather, I couldn't resist! Plus, I plan to take a loaf to welcome the new neighbors. See? I HAD to bake some today.

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