Saturday, October 01, 2011

Chocolate Saturday

Happy October! By far, one of my most favorite and most looked forward to of months! Do you feel the same?

This morning we awoke to a very cool 70-degrees & I quickly opened the windows and put some cinnamon & cloves to simmer on the stove. My Autumn decorations feel much more fitting today.

Ray has to work this morning (auditing the cities' 13 parking garages downtown) so it can easily feel like any other day of the week, you know? To stave off the monotony, when the girls woke up (just as Ray was leaving!) I fixed them a special treat of hot chocolate with homemade chocolate whipped cream!

When Kate receives a yummy treat she's not known for her ability to savor. She quickly guzzled down her hot chocolate. Meanwhile, Addison slowly sips hers & now, 30 minutes later, half of it still sits on the table untouched.

Since Ray has the van this morning I've been tempted to take the kids on a walk to Target, pushing the youngest in the stroller & letting Addison ride her bike. It's four-miles round-trip, I think she could do it (actually, she's the one who suggested we walk there this morning!).

Any exciting plans for anyone today? Ray will be working 6-midnight tonight so I'm going to try to escape to Barnes & Noble after the kids are in bed!


Briana D. said...

Today is glorious! Robert made waffles for breakfast and actually ate on the patio. We are going on a date tonight to celebrate my b-day! Fun, fun day with great weather to match.

Jessica said...

How wonderful, happy birthday, Briana, have fun on your date, you deserve it! :)


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