Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday School Picnic

Yesterday was our annual Sunday School Picnic and for the first time in four years I was able to go! I've always loved Sunday School picnics and my parents even drove over & joined us for this one.

The fellowship is wonderful, we sang, had a message & one guy even played the saw while we sang!

Of course, the food was amazing, too. I love Brazilian steak, it's to die for! Have you had it before? Such a tasty treat.

Some of the kids had scooters and such riding around the pavilion. Some of the guys forgot that they are closer to forty than thirty now & thought they'd give the toys a try. Ray actually did pretty well!

The kids spent a good part of their time at the playground. Thank the Lord for grandparents (& surrogate grandparents!) to help watch over the kids.

And, why are there no picture of Kate? She decided to join her friend Avery's family for the day!

After leaving the picnic my mom & I had "party" girl time! We went out for amazing coffee & browsing - we were actually able to look at stuff at our leisure! I also found some darling accessories that my mom & I deemed my Christmas present this year. I love them!

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