Monday, October 31, 2011


This year I hit up the dollar tree over the summer & spent a whopping $6 on the girls costumes! Clay already had the shirt & I found a blue lei shoved in one of my party supply drawers. And, while people in the north east are enjoying their snowstorm, we get the luxury of trick-or-treating in bathing suits!

If Addison heard the word "hula" she dropped everything & did her version of a hula dance.

Clay felt pretty special getting candy, too!

We only went down three streets, but, by the end of the second Kate was struggling with her pumpkin. "This is heavy. Why?"

Because we came home with nine pounds of candy, that's why!! Yikes! Ray was getting the girls to do a "candy dance" here. Clay just kept grabbing whatever candy he could & chewing on the wrappers.

As Addison laid in bed tonight she kept telling me, "That was so much fun tonight." It was a fun outing for the kids (& adults)! All of the neighbors out together talking & smiling, plus, who doesn't enjoy getting to dress in costume & be given free candy?!

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aliann said...

They are super adorable! Great costume idea :)


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