Monday, November 21, 2011

The (almost) Ultimate Tangled Birthday Party!

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All of the banners at the party are available for sale in my etsy shop:

I must say, I'm really pleased with how the party turned out overall. There are some things I wish I could've done differently (I had planned on using twinkle lights and on making a tower birthday cake, just to name a couple).

However, let's focus more on what did work. I really loved all of the felt banners. I made six pennant banners plus two large rectangular banners hanging on either side of the window in the back of the house & two small rectangular banners over the party favor table. It was really feeling to me like I was in Rapunzel's village, I loved it!

(Here is the link to the sun design I printed & cut out)


In the foreground: pink sugar rimmed glasses!



After passing under some of the banners you entered the family room where I hung 12 paper lanterns from the ceiling. The best part? They lit up! It was so pretty at night. (Courtesy of my mom and the Dollar Tree! Also inexpensive at the Dollar Tree? Batteries!)



Another look at the invitations...


The present table and arts/crafts table. I bought the black-scratch off papers (4 for $1 at Target!) for the kids to draw on (yes, Rapunzel liked to paint, but, over half of my crowd was under 5, they weren't going to painting inside the house!) I remember making these with my mom when we were little. We'd use all different colors on the paper, paint over the colors with black paint & patiently wait for it to dry so we could make our designs. Oh, how things have changed...


Our oldest party guest (9-years-old) created a Flynn Rider wanted poster! I was so impressed!


Speaking of which, the village wouldn't be complete without the wanted posters hanging everywhere!


My darling birthday girls in front of Rapunzel's tower. The kids loved playing with the yarn braid! The tower was supposed to be made of cardboard with a window cut out so the kids could get their picture taken "inside" the tower, but, I couldn't get my hands on a big enough cardboard box.


Our little family!


You want to know something? I completely forgot about a tablescape for this party! I love to tablescape but I was so caught up in the banners & lanterns that I forgot! So, I quickly threw together the birthday banner & used on of the purple tablecloths to hang up. I know, it looks kind of sad! I made one of those tissue paper pom-poms to hang up but I didn't have enough yellow tissue paper on hand to pull it off. I did use my cast iron skillets for the food!


Of course, I've already blogged about the pinata.


The favors turned out nice, too. I used lavender & yellow paper I already had on hand & printed out a thank you massage & then cut the sun design around it. The message was tied to the watercolors with a purple ribbon.


The two thing Kate kept asking for her birthday were chips & cake. My parents gave her a huge bag of chips & a bag of pretzels. Kate was so happy that she hugged them!


My sister, Megan, made this lovely painting for the girls:


This was Addison's face when she saw the painting (she also keeps trying to carry it around the house with her!):


Now, the cake. Cakes are the thorn in my birthday party side. I don't enjoy making them so I've never perfected the art. Now, there are some seriously amazing Rapunzel tower birthday cakes out there. I had planned to try to attempt one. I didn't get around to it so the day before the party I thought I'd just make cupcakes so I also made the little cupcake toppers to go on top. Instead, I did something I've never ever done & I bought a cake. Not even anything special. It was the one that was "Decorators choice" left at the bakery at 8:30 at night. And, you know what? Addison loved it so much she was still thanking me for the cake a day later!


And, a Tangled party wouldn't be complete without REAL floating lanterns! (I searched high and low & the best price/quality I could find were these on amazon. 12 for only $22, including shipping! Ordered on Saturday, arrived on Monday)

Now, I checked the wind on before we set this off & I really think it was wrong because that lantern blew around a lot more than I was comfortable with. It was so windy that we only set off one lantern. It was still really cool, though!


I know the girls had fun at the party and so did I! (I also know I looked online a LOT for party ideas so I hope this will help anyone else searching for ideas, too!)


Anonymous said...

How did you do the invitations? By hand or do you have special software to get the tower image?

zerry ht said...

Ooh! This cake slice looks so delicious. And this wanted guy is also my favorite. I use to adore him as a child. I remember my brother got a cake made with his picture on my 10th birthday. My birthday was celebrated in one of the New York venues. I don’t remember the name now but it was beautiful. I am sure she had great time on her birthday.


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