Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Pinata

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All of the banners at the party are available for sale in my etsy shop:

Full party details can be found here

So, I had every intention of getting some good photos and descriptions up from the party today. Instead we had Christmas play practice after church today, when we got home I went grocery/Thanksgiving shopping & then we had sing night at church tonight followed by fellowship & snacks.

All of that equals another long & tiring day.

However, I will show you the pinata. Ta da! The Tangled Tower Pinata (made out of cereal boxes, hot glue & tissue paper)


Honestly, I was really pleased with the results. I was also quite paranoid that it would bust right away or that it would fall apart just from the weight of the candy inside. Thank the Lord it held up so that all of the kids were able to give it a try! Such fun!

The older girls got my girls into dress-up clothes, hence Kate's pirate's outfit. Kate was also nervous about the pinata & started to pick her nose (she also decided to just watch everyone else swing at the pinata!)

The candy was a big hit, though - it also gave me a way to get rid of a bunch of our Halloween candy!!


villagegirl said...

Ok. Now I'm convinced you're super woman. :)
That is super cute! Your girls will always remember what lovely things their mama did to make their birthdays special.

Jessica said...

You're too sweet! Thanks. :)


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