Tuesday, November 29, 2011

They're gone!

Most all hints of yellow & gold are now shoved into a rubbermaid bin to be stored in the attic until next year.

The girls are thrilled with the Christmas decorations, especially the nativities & advent calendar. I'm really looking forward to starting some Christmas crafts with them, including cookie baking!

I'm also really glad we're on our break from class meetings now. I love the meetings, but, it does take a lot of work. I'll admit it's really nice not spending my Monday nights with last minute lesson planning & loading up the van! (not to mention the early Tuesday mornings!) Of course, we're still doing all of our school work at home, but, the way Classical Conversations works is that we meet for 24 weeks out of the year & go over new material. I love love LOVE that we get the busy holiday season off to just focus on everything at home!

Our science project for this past quarter was to put together the parts of a human body. Each week we learned different parts & the kids colored them. At the end of the six weeks we assembled the bodies on outlines of the kids bodies (we traced each of them onto a big roll of paper).

Let's just say it was a LOT. OF. WORK.

It was an awesome project & I loved it, but, truth be told, I'd have a very difficult time getting myself to do something like this with the kids if we were doing it on our own at home (maybe I feel that way just because they're still so young?) Addison was on her hunting trip with Ray during our final week of class so she & I assembled her body on Thanksgiving.

By the time I did this with Addison it was my third time assembling one of these & it was a breeze! I did one of myself to show my students & then helped my students put theirs together. I'm much more familiar with human anatomy now than I was six weeks ago!

If anyone wants to take on this project at home we used the My Body book. All of the body parts with instructions for the layout are in the book so that you can photocopy them as needed.

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