Friday, December 02, 2011


The day before December 1 I helped the girls put together their advent calendars (cute little snowmen from the dollar bin at Target).

As each day goes by we glue a white puff onto the appropriate date. Here are the snowmen with their googly eyes & carrot noses attached. (Addison specifically told me that she was making a "mad face" for this photo - lovely)

The girls get so excited to add their little puff to the snowmen each day! Does anyone else do an advent calendar in their home? I have a large one with little doors on it setting on the piano.

On another note, I had Clay model his Christmas outfit for me today.


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Lisa said...

Ooooh I love advent calendars. My mother-in-law gave our girls one that has little books in it:

Each book has a story or prayer or song in it. You get to read it before you hang it on the tree. It's great :)


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