Thursday, December 01, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Addison's birthday got off to an early start yesterday as we had to wake all of the kids ups before 6:30 & load them into the van so that we could drop Ray off at the bus stop.

For breakfast Addison requested waffles (granted!) and then a trip to Target. Addison was eager to tell everyone that it was her birthday. When the manager at Starbucks found out she disappeared & came back with a package of a dozen mini cupcakes from the bakery which she decorated special & gave to Addison - happy birthday decorations & the two cupcakes with Hello Kitty rings for the girls & a Cars ring for Clay. Wasn't that so sweet??

Addison also spent 40 minutes talking on the phone to one of her friends! She is her mothers' daughter! She was in my room sitting on the window sill a good part of the time, but, Addison would move before I could get her picture.

Addison's dinner request was pizza. In the below photo she's raising her hand in the air & shouting "birthday!"

Addison opened her present from us - a headband she'd tried on at Target a couple weeks ago & and adorable sweater. Think she liked them?

Clay was truly thrilled with his own little cupcake!

Addison & I, getting her birthday photo in our pjs, right before bed.

What a fun day!

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Megan said...

Love all the pictures! Your Starbucks friends are so sweet. Addison is going to love all of her birthday memories you've helped create as she grows up :)


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