Friday, December 09, 2011

CC Christmas Party!

Yesterday morning we drove down to the lovely south Tampa for our Classical Conversations group Christmas party. We arrived right at 10 so that I could attend a directors meeting & the party began at 11. We ended up with around 35 adults & 90 kids, ranging from babies to students dual enrolled at USF!

I was wondering how one residence in the city would accommodate that many people. The answer is a yard this huge! (The property goes all the way to that fence in the back)

Oh yes, keeping the kids entertained with two huge bounce house slides helps, too. Also helpful? All of those amazing older kids. They're so sweet with the little ones! Also, at one point the kids noticed that there was a problem with the tethers on the sides of the bounce house. Without any prompting, every single one of the kids got off & stood to the side while they went to get an adult to let us know there was a problem. I was impressed.

The food was potluck style on the back porch, with two dessert tables in the yard. Perfect for the kids to run up as they pleased to grab cookie after cookie! (Hey, it was a party!) Clay hung out with me all day, except when he saw the one dad that was able to make it. Clay reached for him & fell asleep o the gentleman's shoulder within five minutes.

And, I couldn't resist taking a photo of the stairs inside the house. How awesome is this?! (I told the owner that I took a picture of her stairs)

A super fun & exhausting day!


Tricia said...

I need stairs just so I can have the leopard runner.

Vickie said...

pretty stairs and cute Clay!


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