Saturday, December 10, 2011


Last night we had a goodbye dinner for a friend at USF, Beth. We didn't meet until 9 - sad to say, but, that's late for me. We met up at Acropolis, a local Greek restaurant. Fun, but, the food was rather disappointing! Although, in their defense I only tried the tzatziki & a gyro. I make a lot of Greek food at home & LOVE tzatsiki, but, theirs tasted like the spreadable allouette cheese you can buy in a tub at the grocery store!

Anyway, out of a group of 15 people, I was the oldest one there. A sad sad day for me.

I'm also not used to eating a full meal at 11 at night! The gyro was pretty good & the entertainment is fun! There was a belly dancer walking around & the staff go around the restaurant dancing while napkins are thrown in the air (you know, instead of plates)

I'd really hate to be the one who has to clean up this mess every night!

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