Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fabulous Fifty!

My mom is turning 50 this Friday the 23rd & a few of us through her a super surprise birthday party this past weekend. It was fabulous, but, one of the best parts is that she was truly surprised!

It was a very small affair, with just a few of my moms closest friends, most of whom she's known for over twenty years. When it came to the decorating, Megan & I infiltrated my moms pinterest. I know we pulled it off when my mom commented, "It looks like I walked into my pinterest!"

It looked so beautiful with bistro lights strung across the lanai with ornaments hanging from them.

My vision for behind the food table was different. It didn't turn out. Imagine it fuller & swoopier. That's what it was supposed to look like. I still love the silver snowflake curtains I made out of ornaments, though!

I saw this on her board & knew we (meaning Megan) had to make it. A photo collage "50." My dad scanned the photos & Megan made the collage. How cool is that?!

The party favors were little silver boxes tied with red ribbon & holding a Ferrero Rocher.

One of my favorite "little details" was the guest book. I picked up the December 2011 issue of Vogue, perfect for my fashionista mom! Plus, it was so much fun going through the magazine & randomly finding the funny blurbs people wrote to my mom!

Sarah, our fabulous interior designer, with my mom. Sarah worked magic on rearranging the lanai into a super cozy space!

Megan, my mom & I. I need to explain the matching dresses. My mom also owns this dress & she said that it's been her dream for us to have matching dresses. We had hoped my mom would wear hers to the party so that we could give her another surprise & get our photo together.


Tricia said...

That was the best party ever! Thank you for making everything so special!

hilltopper said...

nice job! kudos to everyone for pulling it off!!
it looks beautiful .

villagegirl said...

It's all truly gorgeous! I love the decor. The 'swoopy' window is beautiful and would have never guessed it wasn't quite how you imagined...I think it's lovely!
You make a stunning trio! :)


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