Sunday, January 29, 2012

Google Me

I always enjoy seeing which Internet searches bring people to my blog. These are searches just from today:

the essence blogspot

valentine's day display

the essence blog (daily "stalker," ie, someone who probably knows me in real life but hasn't bookmarked the page)

let the little children come to me

florida homeschool mom

muscles in the face drawing

tangled birthday party

window valentines day

tangled tower (image search!)

mom fifty (this was an image search from France - it brings up this lovely photo of my mom!)

sun designs from tangled
(tangled is a popular search for my blog now)

window display for valentines day
(Valentine searches are popping a bit, too)

dad's back
(image search which brought up the following photo of the girls with my dad)

tangled party

valentine's day window displays

facial muscles drawings


Briana D. said...

Hey Jess,
You cought me, I look that up when I am looking at your blog on my cell phone. I haven't yet figured how to bookmark on it. Do I look stalker-ish?

Briana D. said...

Oh, and It is taking me sometime to accept you are not blogging daily anymore!

Jessica said...

Haha, no worries, Briana! You know I'm just joking about the stalker. You're actually not the only one, someone in a different part of Florida googles me everyday & a friend out of state used to do the same thing. :)

I'll admit, I'm enjoying not blogging every single day, but, I still feel compelled not to have any huge gaps of time go by before I blog again.

Cindi said...

Jessica, your blog is a joy to read. When I'm in Canada it is reduces my extreme case of 'homesickness'. Both you, your mom and Megan are so talented, funny and the love you have for each other is wonderful. I think your mom has done an amazing job of raising her girls. God bless each of you and praying for parents are they go through the huge job of moving. I love the comment you wrote the other day when you were painting the bed and Katie said, "Your daddy is going to be so mad at you for painting the bed. He's going to be so mad at you." Too cute! Thanks for sharing your craft/party ideas, your adorable kids and your thoughts!

Moo said...

I used to google you! You caught me! I finally have you bookmarked though :P


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