Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today our Classical Conversations Tampa campus officially opened pre-registration for our 2012-13 school year.

An e-mail reminder went out to campus last night and every time I read mention of my name "send registration forms to Jessica...send checks to Jessica..." my stomach would do little flip-flops. Excited/nervous little flip-flops.

I just can't quite believe that this is all happening already!

I also got butterflies when I went to our campus website & saw my bio online! You can check it out, along with our other campus directors bios, here. I enjoyed reading about the other leaders in the community, I'm so impressed by the academic level of the moms in the community. I think it blows the perception of homeschool moms wearing jumpers out of the water.

Since registration began today I've begun receiving lots of application e-mails in preparation for the next school year. I'm definitely excited!

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Lisa said...

Hope you have a great year. :)

I know you've posted it before, but I was wondering, what does your day roughly look like? In an attempt to organise our lives a bit better, I'm trying to figure out some kind of daily routine. Kinda... I'd be keen to see roughly what you guys do. :)


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