Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Special Date

This morning we had an appointment for Addison scheduled in Orlando at 10:30, with plans to meet my mom at 10 so that she could watch Kate & Clay for me. We were meeting up with my mom at Chickfila, so, I told the kids I'd treat them to a late breakfast. (really meaning that we got a late start to our morning & I didn't have time to feed them breakfast at home!)

The problem I didn't foresee: an accident on the interstate which turned a 7 minute drive into a ONE HOUR drive - 25 of those minutes spent just on the on-ramp!

Thankfully, our appointment was able to be pushed back, but, my poor kids were rather hungry by the time we made it.

Addison's appointment lasted for a couple of hours & on our way to my parents to pick up Kate & Clay we passed Blue Bird Bake shop. They have delectable cupcakes & superb coffee. I always see their updates on facebook & wish that I was closer to their shop so that I could get a treat! Since we were so close today, & it was just Addison & I, we made a quick stop for a little date.

Addison had a piece of their sock-it-to-me cake & I had a chocolate on chocolate cupcake with my cup of coffee. Such fun!

1 comment :

villagegirl said...

Ugh on the traffic! That's nasty.
That is a great picture! Her little smile says it all.


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