Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It turns out, I was a lot more nervous about that online radio show than I realized. Clay was up through the night & I realized everytime I woke up with him I'd just been dreaming about the radio show and it was the first thing on my mind & made me feel tense as soon as I was awake.

The crazy thing is that I felt like that because I was worried that the kids would be noisy during the one-hour call! I put them in rest time (much) earlier than usual and, thank the Lord, they behaved beautifully. No one came out of their rooms & Kate even fell asleep!

The call went well, it was a little strange (but, so nice!) knowing I had friends and family listening in! I was a little disappointed that Leigh was pulled out at the last minute in order to lead a training session.

Anyway, it was definitely a great experience for me & quite encouraging.

Tomorrow, the kids & I plan to leave the house at 6am in order to drive to Orlando. My mom is going to watch the kids so that I can visit a CC group over there & see how they do things!

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