Thursday, March 15, 2012

IKEA and more

Yesterday morning we met Amy & her girls for some fun at IKEA. Her girls are on Spring break this week & they specifically said that they wanted to go to IKEA with my kids & go in the play area together - so sweet! We used our extended playtime with the IKEA family card & all of the girls were in the play area for over an hour!

First, before our friends arrived, we got there a little early so that we could enjoy the 99 cent breakfasts. This was the first time I let Clay sit at the little table in the kids area to eat. I was a little wary, all of that freedom & a breakable plate!

He totally surprised me! Clay sat there for a good 20 minutes & never got out of his seat & he used a fork to eat his food. He was also making eyes & smiles at the people around him. More than one person stopped to comment on him. Even later, when we were shopping in the store, someone stopped me to tell me how impressed she was with him while he ate. I was surprised, too!

Addison sat with me to eat. Did I ever mention that she got a hold of scissors one day & started cutting her hair because she wanted "bangs like mommy?"

After Amy & I shopped & the girls played, they said they were hungry! We went to the bistro downstairs for a light lunch.

We'd been gone for the past two days we I made sure that yesterday we made it home so that Clay could get a nap before church in the evening.

Today my friend, Kim, came over to observe our school day. She's getting a teaching degree & part of her assignment is to observe classrooms, including a homeschool setting.

At the end of the day she said it was the most fun & relaxing class she's observed & that the kids were learning things that the highschoolers she observed didn't even cover!

This evening I took advantage of my mom living so close now & we met at mall after the kids were in bed & while Ray was working. Nothing like some chatting, retail therapy & coffee!


amy said...

Such a fun day! Clay is absolutely adorable! So glad BOTH your girls stayed and played the entire time! I can't believe we only have two days, Good Friday and Memorial Day, off between now and the end of school. It's going to be a long stretch! Looking forward to more IKEA days and summer movies!

Jessica said...

We had a lot o fun, too, thanks, Amy!


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