Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More News

I just realized that I forgot to post something BIG that happened here last week. HUGE!

Last Sunday, my parents, sister, & her baby all moved to town - just eight miles from my house! As in, one Saturday they came to look at house & two weeks later they moved here! It was so sudden that I didn't want to post anything until it actually happened. It's still hard to believe!

I haven't lived this close to them in the ten years since I've been married. It's definitely neat to be able to drop by for Saturday morning breakfast or let the cousins play at the park together.

Yesterday, Renee & two of her girls drove over for a visit & we were all able to spend a bit of time together.

And, just a bit of randomness, we had some firefighters in our house tonight. Do these guys look alike or what? (Clay has totally started hamming it up for the camera, now!)

I couldn't pick a favorite one with Kate. I loved the first one because at the last moment she put her arm around her daddy's neck. (Addison was too obstinate to take a photo)

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