Wednesday, March 07, 2012

What is Going On???

(Disclaimer: I have kids, they get sick. If that makes you squeamish, don't read this)

So, let's rewind to last Thursday night. We let Kate sleep with us in our bed as a special treat. For the first time. And, that would be the night she has an accident. Insert the fun of changing sheets & cleaning a mattress in the middle of the night.

The next morning we woke up ready for our friends to come over. Only, when I got Clay out of bed, I saw that he had thrown up all over. He had a bath & seemed fine so I thought (hoped) it was a fluke. Clay ate lots for breakfast & then suddenly threw up his oatmeal & banana all over the living room carpet. Mind you, the only carpeted areas in the house are the bedrooms & the living room & he threw up right at the border of the carpet & hard floor. He couldn't have made it another foot to that hard floor...

I canceled the play date & afternoon piano lessons, cleaned the mess & gave Clay a bath.

I sat on the sofa & Clay crawled over to me, leaned over & threw up all over my lap. Awesome. Clay had his third bath by 9am, I showered & I had the privilege of washing the slipcover & cleaning the sofa.

And, then, all was fine. Everyone was fine, no fevers, no more illness, nothing. We all had a great weekend!

Fast forward to Sunday night. I had to work, Ray had a meeting & we needed the kids to sleep so we separated them by putting Addison in our bed. We were all sound asleep & all of a sudden at 2am Addison threw up all over our bed. More middle of the night bathing & cleaning awesomeness.

She threw up twice more the next morning but still played & ate like normal. Then came the afternoon & it was Kates turn to get sick twice.

Still, never any fevers or anything.

Tuesday all was well.

This morning all was well until after breakfast. Addison was starving & ate an egg, cereal & oatmeal before complaining that she didn't feel well & laying down on my bed. I think you know what happened next.

Her aim was fabulous this time. Not only all over our bed, but, also down the side between the box spring & bed frame & onto the floor. It took me a good 45 minutes to clean that one, including taking the king size mattress off the bed & taking the box spring outside to clean it.

Just as I was finishing up with that mess Kate started yelling to me from her room. I walked in to find Clay laying on the floor with vomit down his front.

A short time after that, Kate started crying for me again only this time it was her turn.

The good news is that everyone had baths this morning! I put everyone back in their pjs & declared it a "do nothing" day.

Except for laundry. Oh, the massive amounts of laundry.

Kate got sick once more this evening, all over the love seat.

I'd take them to the doctor, but, this is so sporadic I can't imagine that it's anything serious. Like I said, no other symptoms & they still want to eat & play like normal. None of them have eaten anything that I didn't also eat, either.

Ray is going out of town tomorrow for a couple of days (the guys are going camping on the island), I do hope for a reprieve from illness while he's away!


villagegirl said...

Now if that doesn't sound like a bundle of fun, I don't know what does! :)
You poor girl! I really do hope it's gone for good now. There is nothing like cleaning up barf that makes you feel like you earn the title of mom. Been there, done that. Many times. Hope they're all better!

Amy said...

Oh Jessica, that is my worst nightmare! (Slight exaggeration) One of the best things about having older children is that they know how to use a bowl/bucket/toilet! I hope it's all over now....


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