Sunday, April 01, 2012

NOT an April Fools Joke

So, I splurged last weekend.

I've had the desire for a decent quality all-leather purse for years now. Mind you, I typically buy my purses when they're in the $10 range on clearance at Target. $25 is pushing it for me (oh, yes, I'm so cheap!)

But, no matter how much I love the looks of the purse I'm always so disappointed by the quality and how quickly it begins to fall apart - the handle gets bunched & worn, the stitching & edging come apart - sometimes within the first week!

So, as a bit of spending money came my way I saved & searched. If I was going to spend money on a purse I was going to be picky. I looked online, I looked at Ross, I looked at Department stores, but, nothing was ever quite right.

Last weekend, on a whim, I walked into Coach. There are some Coach outlets not too far away, but, after some research, I decided to stay away from the Factory brand. Only 20% of the bags in the outlet stores come from Coach, the other 80% are made for the outlet & not quite the same quality. I'd also noticed that most of the factory bags are fabric plastered with C's, not all leather. It just wasn't what I had in mind for myself.

Anyway, back to my whim. I really didn't think I'd find a bag I liked that night, but, I let the sales associate show me different options. For my "investment piece" I wanted something bold, a statement, rather than a true neutral. (Something "me!")

I found a style that I liked in the store, but, not the color. She showed me the color options online & said they could order it for me & have it shipped to my house. I briefly deliberated & then handed her my card! After my purchase, I was ecstatic! (Can anyone tell me why it was so exhilarating for me to spend that much money on one purchase?

It was a bit disappointing that the purse wasn't in stock, but, it only took a few days for it to arrive. I was bouncing off the walls when it came in the mail. I started opening the box to find the purse beautifully gift wrapped. It's all about presentation, you know!

After the first layer of tissue paper I came to another box.

I opened that to find more tissue paper & then a lovely fabric bag. They really make you work for your purse - the suspense!

The purse was inside the bag and absolutely lovely. SO ME. It was just what I wanted:

The pop of color. The contrasting color on the handle. The structure.

Each day I have the purse I'm happier with my purchase - I think I made the right investment!


Lisa said...

Oooh gorgeous!

Morgan Fairchild said...

Your purse is beautiful! I love the color. Such a great choice!

I, too, am cheap, but I've learned that for things that you love and will use everyday it's worth it to spend more and get something you love. This is true for jeans, for me. I have soooo many cheap pairs of jeans that I don't like at all, so I'd rather spend the same amount of all of those or less and get one that I love and fit great.

I'm so glad you splurged and that you're so happy with your purchase!!

amy said...

So happy for you! You deserve it! It's beautiful--so you!

villagegirl said...

Wow, that is SO beautiful! I adore the colour!
Yes, some things are in the 'you get what you pay for' category. I love getting a good deal but sometimes you just have to pay a little more for real quality.
Love it!

Vickie said...

soooo pretty!! Love the color!!!

Jessica said...

Thank you, everyone! I'm still quite excited with my splurge. :)

connie (devotedmama) said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new purse! I'll have to look online & see where the closest Coach is to me! Enjoy your new purse!


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