Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break, Baby!

This week is our Spring Break from our Classical Conversations group. I hadn't planned on taking a break from schooling at home until I realized that I NEED THE BREAK. The kids are fine. They're Kindergarten & preschool - school is fun! But, I've had a lot going on & really needed to catch up on things around the house. My sanity depended on it.

I wanted to make sure the kids had some extra fun on their break, especially since I tried to talk up Spring Break with them so that they wouldn't beg me to do school everyday. How sad am I?

Monday was a simple relaxing day at home, recovering from a hectic weekend. I did a bit of cleaning & let the kids watch tv. Addison is just now getting to the age where she's a little more interested in it, but, the tv still doesn't hold the attention of Kate & Clay for very long.

Tuesday we made a morning trip to see my mom, sister & nephew since they're so close now! It's still quite the novelty to be able to make quick visits like that!

Yesterday when the kids woke up I surprised them & took them to Busch Gardens. We arrived just before the gates opened. The terrible thing is that this is only the second time I've gone since we bought our annual passes! (Ray's taken the kids without me, though) In fact, the last time I went was about a week & a half before Clay was born. Erin & I took our girls and I booked it all over that park hoping it would send me into labor.

Anyway, yesterday was quite fun. We started off on the side of the park filled with animals. It was great watching the kids run around so excited to see them all. I got such a kick out of this gorilla!

There was lots of stuff there that I don't remember from previous visits, too! I don't know if it was new or not, but, in my defense, I tend to avoid the areas with the animals if I can. There was one area filled with flamingos that the kids loved!

The best part was when we started to walk away & Clay lagged behind a little. We were only a few feet away, but, it was just enough time for an employee to say, "Watch out, the birds are coming through this way!" And, Clay was standing right by the door the flamingos needed to enter. They surrounded him, but, Clay unfazed.

We started to approach all of the roller coasters. Kate kept begging to go on the "train." (aka roller coaster) She reminds me of Megan! I was always freaked out by the roller coasters when I was a kids and Megan was dying to go on them. (Addison is more like me)

Addison was especially terrified by Sheikra, the coaster that drops straight down and also splashes water on spectators. I didn't realize how much it winds around that section of the park until she's desperately trying to get away from the coaster & all of a sudden you look up & there it is again!

We ended our trip to Busch Gardens in the Sesame Street kids section at the splash park.

I then surprised them again and took them for lunch at Wendy's. Where they each got their OWN Frosty. Oh yeah, I won big points there!

Before going home we went to the store & bought some fresh popped pop corn & the girls ate it while watching a movie in the family room. A completely successful & wonderful Spring Break day!


Briana D. said...

We should plan to take the kids together. We have had passes since August and I have never taken them by myself. Looks like a fun day!

Jessica said...

Definitely, Briana, we should plan a date!


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