Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Oh, my dear children.

I've been trying to get everything together for our anniversary trip (2 day more days!) and while I was getting stuff together in the office Kate & Clay zipped themselves up into his little tent & asked me to take their picture.

Yesterday I was playing hide & seek with Addison. My hiding places are so good that I bring magazines with me & read them while she looks for me! After awhile Addison disappeared & when I came out of my hiding space I found that all of the kids had congregated in my room, wedged themselves between the mattress & footboard & turned on the tv!

Addison grabbed my camera the other day so that she could take this picture of Clay. What a cutie.

Today we had a play date at Briana's house, complete with kiddie pool, bounce house & ice cream! On our way home we stopped by the library. I got a kick out of their extracurricular activities.

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