Monday, May 07, 2012


Friday night was our Classical Conversations Showcase, our end-of-the-year program. I was there an hour and a half early to help with set-up. (hello, new responsibilities!)

It was a fun evening and I'm thankful for all of our family that was able to come (not that I guilted anyone into it! ha!)

Because the CC program was designed with the upper levels first we began our presentation with our oldest students & ended with the youngest. Part of that idea for our showcase was so that the younger kids would be captivated watching the older kids & not get too antsy - it seemed to work.

My class & Addison's class combined to act out the purchase of Louisiana. The best part is that I had to go onstage with our kids to help direct them & while we were up there they all got stage fright & didn't sing their history sentence. And, because I was leading them, I was the one who had the pleasure of singing ALL BY MYSELF for the crowd of 200 while directing the kids onstage. Awesome.

Two of the classes played Yankee Doodle on the tin whistle (I love that one of the tutors dressed up!)

The Foundations/Essentials program ended by reciting the preamble to the Constitution together and the Bill of rights, presentation of the memory masters (who recited the history timeline) & then we all sang both of our orchestra songs.

Our Challenge A class (7th grade) played Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? and in the seven minutes they were up there two of the students drew a rough draft of the world map.

Two of our other challenge classes also presented but none of our Challenge II class (10th grade) was there because they were all at Debate Regionals! (Just earlier in the week our Challenge B [8th grade] were mock trial champions!)

We had a small cookie reception afterwards and Addison declared that the night was "Super Duper Fun!"

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