Monday, May 21, 2012

We're Home!!!

What an amazing getaway! I'm incredibly thankful we had the opportunity, time spent together is very cherished.

We;re also completely exhausted. We walked about 6 miles around San Francisco yesterday, flew out at 11pm (2am our time) arrived in DC around 8am our time & literally had to run across the terminal because our flight from San Francisco had been delayed. I made it to our gate about 10 minutes before take-off & they had a line of people waiting to board who were trying to get the seats of passengers who didn't show up. I was incredibly thankful we made it in time!

Very little sleep happened on the overnight flight, we were seated next to FOUR restrooms & it appears the majority of people on the flight hadn't been taught the common courtesy of not slamming doors. No sleep happened on the morning flight & we're utterly exhausted now.

It was wonderful to see the kids, we were very anxious to get home to them! They were happy to see us but cried when we took them away from my mom's. Kate was so upset that when we got home she laid down on the corner of our bed & just cried.

Time for some sweet sleep now!

1 comment :

villagegirl said...

I'm glad you had such a great time! Time alone together is SO important! Loved the pictures too.


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