Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big News. HUGE!

Monday we flew home from our lovely vacation.

Tuesday, I called my supervisor & resigned! My last day is next Friday, June 1.

Ray has also decided to resign & next week will also be his last week!

I'm ecstatic. It's still rather unbelievable! We've been dreaming about this day for so long, we never thought our "short-term" part time job would last for over three years! We're very thankful for all that we've been afforded & provided through this position, but, we're ready to be done.

I can't wait to be able to spend our evenings together as a family, have people over for dinner and just have more freedom. The only "free" nights we've had over the past three years are the nights that we're going to church and an occasional Saturday night.

My commitments with Classical Conversations are beginning to take up a lot more time, so much so that I've been unable to meet the minimum hour requirement for our job. My supervisor brought it up with me & when I was denied a leave of absence, I resigned! It was the prefect circumstance for the situation.

Ray & I have been talking about quitting for awhile, but, first we wanted to pay our debts & then we wanted to purchase some items on our list (towels, bookcases, etc.) & of course we ended with our big trip!

My supervisor contacting me was like a door being opened. Ray's supervisor contacted him about not meeting his hours, either (he's been putting in around 60 hours/week with the city) and we decided it was the right time for him to quit, too.

I'm also really excited for the kids and for the family time we'll be able to have now. We started this job when Kate was a few months old so all the kids are familiar with are us working all the time.

I'm actually putting in more hours with CC than I am with my other job, but, it's kind of like being self-employed. Which is nice because I can take breaks when I want, I don't have to be locked in an office for six hours straight, the kids don't have to be completely silent while I work & I can put in time throughout the day rather than a preset amount of time. (It also means greater responsibility & more stressful work, but, it's wonderful to be part of something I believe in!)

We're in for a big change!


Lisa said...

Oh wow! Congrats, you guys, on getting to a point where you can comfortably quit. Enjoy your evenings! :)

Vickie said...

Woo Hoo! 'bout time. Have fun enjoying your family time and freedom!

villagegirl said...

Wow! That's very exciting! I'm so glad for you!

Jessica said...

Thank you, I'm still so thrilled!!!


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