Monday, May 28, 2012

Where Did We Go?

I went to the FPEA Convention in Orlando. Ray took the kids to a hotel in Lake City for three days!

That means I made it home from my convention a day before they got back. It was...surreal. I haven't had that much time by myself since having kids.

I went to IKEA BY MYSELF for the first time ever. I discovered they hide some pretty cool stuff against the walls! I was able to test out products & write down information. I also went to Barnes & Noble at my leisure.

With my time at home I was able to do some nitty gritty organizing. With as long as it took me to complete without anyone in the house it made me feel better about not having had the time to do it before with the kids around.

My time at the convention was fun, too. I saw lots of people I knew, old & new friends. I helped at the Classical Conversations booth for about three hours on Friday & was able to attend some incredibly encouraging (& convicting!) seminars. That night I met with some of my other community directors and our area manager for a 3 hour meeting. I was completely exhausted by the end of the night!

Today Ray & I had to work the holiday and we're in the home stretch! Ray has nine hours left of work & I have 12. Every time I think about it I beam, I'm still so exhilarated!

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