Saturday, June 02, 2012

What A Week

The entire month of May was just different. We were gone for half of it, I'm sure that contributed to the oddness. I'm not complaining at all. In fact, I'm still on cloud 9, we're in for big changes here! I went to Hilton today to sign my resignation paperwork. Awesome!

Ray' last night was Thursday & mine was Friday. I'm sure we're in for an adjustment period of getting to see each other & spend time together as a family. It's still quite unbelievable.

We bought our dresser today. After 10 years of marriage we finally have a dresser! We're growing up. (ha!) We've been trying to move the rooms around our house, finally getting a bit of a start today. We did get someone to buy our tv off of craigslist. Our 10-year-old CRT tv, with the stand, for $40. I won't miss it at all. Ray spents our newlywed months agonizing over buying the right tv.

We will finally be making the leap to a flat screen. The people at Best Buy laughed at us when we told them we'd be buying a flat screen for the first time. I also don't think they could quite fathom that we only have one tv.

Knowing that this was our last week at Hilton helped me go easier with everything else. I didn't mind letting the housework slide as much know that by next week I'd no longer be burdened with that job.

Yesterday, my last Hilton day, I received a call from my last remaining family of three piano students saying that they were not going to continue with piano lessons. I have mixed feelings about that!

Like I said, lots of adjustments coming our way.

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