Sunday, June 03, 2012


Three days into our vacation Ray & I made the drive over to Yosemite.

It's amazing! I was completely ready to give up this part of the trip. It wasn't part of the original plan & let's face it, Yosemite is in the middle of nowhere. There were none of our cheap hotels close by and we only had time to spend one day there.

We arrived at our hotel around midnight on Saturday, got a late start Sunday, drove the two hours to Yosemite & didn't start our 8.5 mile hike until 1pm. And, when I say hike, I don't mean a leisurely walk. I was talking with a friend who went to Yosemite & she told me that they went to dinner after their "hike." We were in no condition to go anywhere when we got back!

Ready for our hike

The first waterfall we walked to was Vernal Fall via Mist Trail. More people DIE on Mist Trail than almost anywhere else in Yosemite! The hike is right along the river, which has an incredibly strong current.

It's called Mist Trail for a reason - we were absolutely soaked! I had water dripping off of my skin (Ray said I looked like a wet noodle).

Some of the rocks were quite slippery & steep - I was relieved to make it to the top of the fall! Elevation: 3,327 ft

We continued our hike up to Nevada Fall, elevation 5,971 feet. This was not for the faint of heart, it was moderate terrain to start, but, it became really steep close to the top with insane switchbacks. The relief upon reaching the top was great.

Looking out over the top of Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall. Magnificent isn't it?

The hike down wasn't bad at all. We hiked down the John Muir Trail. A much more leisurely trail. Plus, we were going DOWN which was a lot easier!

After our hike we went down to the restaurant/cafe/lodge and treated ourselves to coffee and ice cream!

We were then off for our four hour drive to our hotel in Sonoma. Is it any wonder that we spend the entire next day lounging at our hotel & eating goodies from Trader Joe's?

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Vickie said...

We thought about going there while we were out west but it would have been too much. Maybe we'll make it some day. It is definitely beautiful. You don't look like a wet noodle you look like a model!


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