Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Camping Survival

Oh yes, we plan to go camping as a family this weekend. (along with a group of people from Ray's work)

This is where everyone who knows me laughs, "Jessica doesn't camp!"

You're right. I don't camp. But, I'm convinced this will be fun. Mostly because I've learned from experience that if you go into something positive and with a good attitude you will usually have a nice time. Attitude really is everything.

The girls are thrilled and have been telling everybody that we're going camping. Yesterday they told the manager of Starbucks the news and then the manager disappeared to the back of the store. She then came out with a bag of hot and iced Via (Starbucks instant coffee), handed it to me & said, "Better you then me."

1 comment :

Vickie said...

That was very sweet of her. I think you'll be using mostly iced if you're camping in FL. Have fun!


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