Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I do believe this may be the best birthday I've had as an adult.

This morning I was awoken to rapid tapping on my arm. "Mommy, it's your birthday Happy birthday, Mommmy! Why aren't there decorations? Why aren't your friends coming over? It's not a fun birthday without friends."

Addison was very distraught over the lack of festivities so I put up a few decorations for her. You know, for my birthday.

"Why are there only three decorations and not a lot like at my party?"

I also told Addison we'd have a party with daddy this evening with cake. I didn't want a cake, but, I bought myself a little one to make the kids happy. They were ecstatic!

My mom had offered to take the kids all day so that I could relax. I felt guilty since she's been watching them so often lately while I'm working, but, she offered!

I used all of my free birthday goodies while I was out alone - free breakfast at First Watch, free lunch at Moe's & my free gift card from Wiregrass. It was so nice to be alone & not keep track of the time. I went shopping & sat in Barnes & Noble reading & drinking coffee. It was incredibly restful!

I picked up the kids before dinner & Addison & Kate had made a "nest" in my mom's family room & were running & jumping onto it.

Once at home Ray took the kids to Target so that they could buy me birthday presents. They each picked something out for me from the dollar spot. I love to see what each of the kids want to buy me!

When they got home we had cake & presents. The kids were so excited!

Addison & Kate both picked out bags of cotton candy for me. I think I did a pretty good job pretending to be excited about them!

"Another bag of cotton candy!"

After the kids went to bed Ray & I rented a movie, ate Five Guys for dinner & Ben & Jerry's for dessert. (my choice! I wanted a quiet evening at home)

It was a wonderful way to kick of my 29th year!

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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!
Sounds like a relaxing day! Glad you enjoyed it. You deserve a break.


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