Friday, July 06, 2012

Makover of "The Wall"

Our family room has 12 foot ceilings - nice space, but, it's vast! We've been here for seven years & I've always been bothered by the wall across from the sofa - there was nothing there!

There was also zero money to do anything to fix it so it remained an eye sore. I tried to ignore it, but, it still bothered me.

We've finally made huge progress and it actually makes me happy to look at that wall now! It's much more aesthetically pleasing.



What a difference! I'm still not done and we still don't have a new tv since selling our behemoth five weeks ago. I do hope we get one before the start of the Olympics!

1 comment :

villagegirl said...

It's so lovely! I would smile too. :)


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