Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day of fun!

Wednesday I decided to take the kids out for lots of fun!

I didn't tell them what we were doing but we started the morning off at Publix. I let them get a cookie & then I grabbed one of their huge bags of popcorn. (oh, the excitement over popcorn!) We went to the free kids movie of the day, "Kung Fu Panda 2."

After the movie I surprised them with lunch at Sonic. Their "wacky pack" kids meals are only $2 on Mondays & Wednesdays! (I do tell you, half of my "fun" spending money, ie birthday money, goes to buying food for the kids) They did love it, though! Eating outside, getting their own fries, drinks & toys - what a treat!

Next stop was Target (shock!). They were allowed to get another cookie & they even picked one up to give to one of the baristas. Next we were off to play with all of the toys. They love going to the toy aisle & looking at everything.

I needed a break after all of that so we went home to rest. In the evening we had dinner over at Rach's - all of her siblings are in the same state for the first time in years & we were allowed to impose on their family time for a visit. It was great, I hadn't seen Caleb in four years!

Such a great day! I love days when I forget about everything that needs done at home, we don't run any errands & I just have fun with the kids!

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