Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homeschool Readiness

T-minus 4.8 weeks until the official start to our Classical Conversations school year. I'm trying to get everything prepped in the supplies department and last week I finally brought myself to go to our facility & clean out our supply closet from last year. It was a crazy mess from end-of-the year madness!

I'm incredibly grateful for all of the leftover supplies, though. It took forever to clean out the eight tutor baskets, sort everything & then give the tutors the appropriate kind & amount of supplies.

My living room is full of rulers, paint brushes, colored & graphite pencils, skinny & fat dry erase markers, skinny & fat washable markers, permanent markers, elmers glue, glue sticks, paints, crayons, pencils smells like a bona fide classroom in there!

My big purchase science supplies (ie stuff that cannot be picked up at the Dollar Tree) has begun to arrive, too.

First was my shipment of owl pellets. My mom said they looked like mini baked potatoes.

It took me a few days before I could bring myself to open the box of crayfish. Honestly, they creep me out. That kind of stuff has always bothered me.

When I was in third grade (our first year being homeschooled) I remember studying insects in science. They bothered me so that I would have nightmares at night about them. Yes, nightmares! I'm so thankful this is just an external dissection. However, we don't use the crayfish until week 7 so these little babies will be at my house until October.

My living room wall has a steady growing pile of all kinds of supplies and goodies. I'm pretty sure the stuff is multiplying when I'm not looking!

I'm getting closer to "ready" & I'm excited!

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