Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best Cat Ever

That says a lot considering I'm not a cat animal person. But, if you've ever seen Dapper, our cat, with kids you'd understand why I deem him the best cat.

He's not at all declawed and he lets kids literally roll all over him. Addison has recently discovered that she's strong enough to pick up Dapper and carry him.

Just the other day Addison also began to dress up the cat.

The other day I took a video of her dancing around the room, singing & nuzzling Dapper. She really loves him.

For comparison, here's a video of Addison loving on Dapper when she was just a year old!

1 comment :

villagegirl said...

That video is fantastic! He is SO chill.
I used to dress up my cats when I was little. And stuff them into a doll carriage. I totally get the cat love. :)


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