Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pool Party!

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Today we finally celebrated Clay's second birthday with a pool party! And, it wasn't a huge party, it was really one of our play dates & I declared it to be Clay's birthday party, too. There was also cake, so, that totally makes it a party.

Disclaimer: All photos of the food table were taken while holding a squirmy two-year-old!

The food table. In my head I had much grander ideas. However, I arrived at my parents house to set-up only 30 minutes before guests arrived, the command hooks that were holding up the paper lanterns kept falling & there was no time to blow up the balloons to make a balloon garland!

The cake was supposed to look like a beach ball - you can see it, right?! Our oven has been broken for two weeks so I bought a small cake from the bakery & then decorated the top with fruit.

Swim Fishy Goldfish Marshmallow Pops. These were by far my favorite thing that I made for the party! (okay, the only thing I made!) Seriously though, this is one of those few times where something I made actually turned out as well as I envisioned it. From the "sand" on the bottom to the swirly ocean water & waves of blue on the top.

My sister, Megan, made her most delicious gluten-free baked chicken nuggets with a homemade honey mustard sauce. So delicious!

Water gun party favors: 3/$1 at the Dollar Tree and they worked great. Perfect pool party favors!

The kids had a great time swimming...

Except for Clay who had a much greater time eating a plethora of marshmallow pops and guarding the rest of the food. It was a big job and perfectly handled by a two-year-old.

Everyone else eventually had to eat, too.

Me & my big boy!

It was a lovely morning & there is definitely something to be said for such a minimalist party! However, I would have loved if more of my vision had come together.

-The lanterns would be hanging differently above the food table.
-There was going to be bunting decorating the front of the food table.
-I've already mentioned the balloon garland, which, among other things, was going to decorate the top of the backdrop that I brought for us to take photos (I never even hung that up!)
-I had a large white board that I was going to have the number "2" on made with colorful pompoms. I completely forgot about it until I found the board at home tonight!
-There was a matching guestbook out that I forgot to have people sign

All that said & done I'm still pleased with the results & the important thing is that everyone had fun!


Lisa said...

Looks great! I love your parties - I appreciate the attention to detail you give.

We had a rainbow party for B's 2nd birthday. Did you see it in my journal ( ?

I was somewhat happy with it :)

Tricia said...

It was a wonderful, beautiful party!


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