Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Goldfish Marshmallow Pop Tutorial

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These marshmallow pops were the biggest hit at the party last week. The kids devoured them!

The idea is not original (although, amazingly, I did NOT find them through pinterest) & there was no tutorial on how to make them. These were easy enough to figure out, but, sometimes I find it nice to have a clear cut list of what was used to make something.

So, here's what you need:

-Lollipop sticks (easily found at craft stores)
-Wilton candy melts (also found at craft stores - baking/cake section)
-Large (but not the new jumbo size) marshmallows
-Graham Crackers
-White nonpareils

My first step was to crush the graham crackers. You could use anything else that's crunchy & sweet & has a sand color to it - animal crackers, cookies. But, come on, marshmallows beg for graham crackers (s'mores, anyone?).

Once the graham crackers are crushed stick the marshmallows onto the lollipop sticks. make sure the stick is all the way to the bottom of the marshmallow, otherwise it may slip off when dipping in the candy.

The next step would be to melt the candy. I typically shy away from microwave use, but, I was too lazy for the double boiler on this day. I also forgot to take a picture of the candy melts so you'll have to use your imagination.

Get your goldfish and nonpareils ready! (How perfect for the pool party that I found a bag of goldfish with little beach ball crackers?!)

Take a lollipop stick & dip the marshmallow in the melted candy. I used a spoon to completely cover the marshmallow & then took a knife to slightly smooth out the sides. Notice I didn't completely smooth the candy off, instead leaving waves & swirls like water in the ocean.

Once the marshmallow is covered in candy dip it into the crushed graham crackers, making sure to cover the bottom & partially up the sides.

Next, place a goldfish on the marshmallow above the graham cracker line & then carefully put the white nonpareils on. Or, in my case, drop them onto the marshmallow & hope they land in the right place!

I'm still so pleased with these! I loved having a project that actually turned out as well as I imagined it! Try them, they're super cute, easy & yummy!


Amanda said...

Did you make these the day of the party or in advance? Wondering if I can make them a day or two ahead if time.

Jessica said...

I made them the day before the party & just made sure they were covered so that no air would get in. They tasted fine the next day!

Anonymous said...

Does the chocolate harden a little or do you have to be careful so the pops don't stick together when it's done?


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