Sunday, August 19, 2012

Old Friends

Gabe, Jen & children have been in town visiting for over a week now - boy, do we miss having them here!

We used to get together every Wednesday night after Bible Study for pizza dinner. Back when we started that they had one baby. Now, we have 7 kids between us!

They came over Wednesday night & instead of pizza we shared dessert. Jen brought ice cream & Pepsi (of course!) & I made chocolate cake pancakes (our oven still wasn't working - we finished repairing it yesterday!).

The kids all had so much fun playing & we had a great time catching up. They didn't leave until midnight & the kids were still going strong!

Jen & I now...

Jen & I in a photo that, as of tomorrow, will be 6 years since I posted.

Gabe & Ray - 20 years after their days of running track together!

1 comment :

gmoney said...

So good to see you guys! Love the photos, especially the one showing our healthy pregnancy cravings :)


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