Monday, September 10, 2012

Shopping, eating, pool - OH MY!

And, of course, lots of coffee!

This weekend we toasted another well-deserved & needed girls weekend getaway. This time we were able to get an amazing two bedroom condo in Orlando. (Read: right by all the outlets)

Our days went like this: coffee, shop, eat, pool, eat, talk until after midnight.

I made sure to have a good chunk of change set aside so that I could have some fun spending money this weekend! We ate lots of yummy food - Panera, Carrabbas, Maggiano's - even Five Guys, which I've been craving all summer.

I also found some killer deals at the outlets, including this fabulous dress. I love it!

The conversation on these weekends away are always most uplifting & makes me even more appreciative of my friends!

It also reminds me of how amazing our husbands are & how great they are with their children. I'm also thankful that they understand our need for some adult time without the kids! Ray was so on board for this getaway that he was trying to talk us into a longer trip so that we would have more time to relax! He also surprised me & had my favorite "road trip snack" packed in the car for me. What a guy!

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villagegirl said...

That IS a fabulous number! It looks so good on you! Girlie weekends are SO fun!
And yay for hubbys who support them!


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