Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Week 3

Today marks our third CC week for Foundations of the 2012-13 year. It's so nice now that we've started - the pace has slowed down for me a lot! Much of the stress has dissipated, too!

Prep for orientation was a lot of work and I was super stressed out about the first day. Being a perfectionist it's really difficult for me when I don't get things just right the first time. The first day was full of minor things that needed taken care of - things that I'll now know will need to be taken care of for the first week NEXT year! There has definitely been a learning curve & there are still a few bumps that I'm smoothing out.

The biggest issue has been our childcare situation - we have about twice as many kids in our morning and afternoon sibling care programs! I'm running the afternoon program with 30 kids! I've hired on a couple of people to help plus we always have mom volunteers. Honestly, I really look forward to the afternoon because I get to do all kinds of fun projects with the kids (we've already made bouncy balls & paper bag Autumn trees!).

My biggest hurdle is pride - fear that I'm not living up to expectations, that people are talking/grumbling behind my back, etc. However, I know that pride is a sin so I take this as an opportunity for growth for myself. I've also been asking for lots of advice - there are plenty of very experienced people around me & I'd be a fool not to listen to their thoughts!

So far I'm really enjoying myself & I still love this awesome community I'm in! I'm excited to see how the year progresses & building up relationships with the other moms.

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