Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Perfect Day

After church on Sunday we went to my parents' home for lunch. My dad was in town from his current job in NM, the weather was gorgeous & my mom made a fabulous Chicken Bryan for lunch.

I didn't get photos at lunch, but it was a nice relaxing time.

We left around three & I had every intention of going home & taking care of some things before we left for church in the evening. Instead, as we were driving out of the neighborhood, Ray commented that the day was lovely and perfect for a drive. Instead of going home we started driving the back roads of the little towns nearby!

It was wonderful driving with the windows down, listening to good music and taking our time. We ran across the Rattlesnake festival & decided to visit.

After that stop we kept driving & came across signs for a Barn Sale. At first we passed it by, but, then decided to turn around & see what it was all about. I figured it was pretty much a yard sale, but, we arrived to find this:

A gorgeous barn, a cart full of apples that were fresh picked from Virginia, a mini merry-go-round & a local honey vendor.

Ray really fell in love with the barn, I fell in love with the twinkle lights inside & the thoughts of how great that setting would be for a party. The kids had great fun & the woman in charge (there were three generations of a family who ran the sale) let the kids all pick out a couple of things to take home & gave them apples.

I also found some steals! I walk around with a mental list of home items for which I'm on the look out. Some of these items have been on the list for over a year and I was able to knock off a couple at the sale!

First of all, our kitchen chairs are in dire need of replacement. The ones we currently have used to be hotel chairs & were bought by my parents around 15 years ago at a garage sale for $2 a piece. They are literally falling apart and we've even had a chair leg collapse completely under a chair when one of the kids sat on it! At the sale I found 3 of these chairs for only $2 each!!! I'm so excited about these! They're quite sturdy, too.

I've also been on the lookout for bedside lamps. I found shades well over a year ago, but, had yet to find the bases. I found two of these for $15 each at the sale.

This is what they look like with the shades I already had (which I bought at Target for less than $5 each).

My fun little item was this set for $3. It also came with a matching pepper shaker, but, that somehow broke while being carefully transported home in my purse through which the children rummaged.

I'm so excited about my finds & thankful for the wonderful day that we had together!

After the Barn Sale the girls begged to go see "Grandpa Pizza." We were already pretty close to his house after our drive so we gave him a call & had dinner over there. We didn't get home until after 8!

I truly believe that those 3+ years of working Hilton gave me a much greater appreciation for times like these. It still feels like a luxury to so easily be able to spend family time together.

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