Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Garage Sale Saturday

On Saturday we had yet another garage sale! We've been cleaning out quite a bit, plus, people give us hand-me-downs specifically for us to sell. It was actually one of our most successful! We only had a few little boxes left to take to Goodwill.

After our garage sale Robert came over to help Ray begin to install the laminate floors in the girls room. So far, it's looking good! I'll be so relieved when this room is complete.

Briana came over with the girls later & as a thank you for the help I was making dinner for them. A lovely beef brisket that cooked for 8 hours in the crock pot. That was supposed to cook for eight hours in the crock pot.

Instead, I accidentally unplugged the crockpot around 12:30 & didn't plug it back in. By the time I realized what had happened it was waaaayy too late (as in, it finally finished cooking around 1:30am!).

The answer? Pizza for the kids, Five Guys for the adults.

I should mess up dinner more often.

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