Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cleaning and Germs

Friday we had a cool field trip with our CC group. The kids were fine & Ray even left work & met us there!

By late afternoon Kate had developed a low fever. The next morning, Clay woke up with a fever. His has been the worst, spiking around 104 today.

Since I was home with the youngest two while Ray & Addison were at church & Christmas play practice I cleaned!

Not the dusting & vacuuming type, but, the organizing & throwing away type. I get way too excited about doing those things. I know why, though. Clutter & disorganization stresses me out & makes me less productive. I get such a high when I can tidy things up around here! It makes home maintenance much easier.

1 comment :

Lisa said...

Mess and disorder causes me a lot of stress. I too get a high when I can clean and organise! :) It's my plan for today. I just need to sit here with a coffee first :)


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